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So called !modpost!

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Jan. 6th, 2012 | 07:56 pm
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posted by: candream in stargate_stills

First of all: Happy New Year!

Sorry about the long absence of the mods here on stargate_stills. A few months ago I got a PM from purple_dolphin9 where she wrote she will be back soon but sadly I didn't hear anything from her after that ...

I'm not sure what to do with stargate_stills because it was always purple_dolphin9's part to post all new Challenges but ... It hurts that this Community is dead for months now and I really want to change that. That's the reason for this entry ...

Do you want me (candream) to post new Challenges or do you want to wait until purple_dolphin9 is back?

Please leave a comment with your opinion! Thank you! <3 Comments are screened!

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